Birth of the Gnome

"The treasure we guard be not silver nor gold;
Not diamonds nor pearls, forming riches untold;
The fortune we keep is no relic of old, 
But a precious concoction of mouth-watering cold!"

Gnome Cones was founded in 2017 out of a deep desire for an other-worldly snow cone experience. The shaved ice realm was in disarray, littered with stale styrofoam cups and questionable artificial ingredients. A delightful childhood treat we once loved had morphed before our eyes into an unhealthy & uninspired bore. Fake flavours, chunky ice, & syrups that left your mouth dyed for days were the name of the game.

Who could save this delicacy from its poisoned fate?

After years of joking about the concept, Alex & Bret won over a local investor with their lengthy list of gnome puns and cone mock-ups - Gaining the funds needed to bring their goofy idea to life. Months later, after spending many hours in the kitchen finding the perfect ice consistencies and testing unique flavour combinations, the first Gnome Home was opened for business in Argyle, Texas.

And the rest is history. To this day, you’ll be hard-pressed to not find a handful of hard-working Gnomes toiling away in the hot summer sun slinging snow to the masses out of that little home - Carrying out our mission to serve the world’s best all-natural, gnome-shaped snow cones.