There's no place like Gnome!

Go Big or Go Gnome!

Our treats aren't just gnome-shaped - They're all-natural, too! We make all our snow cones, pops, & ice cream with pure cane sugar and no artificial sweeteners, dyes, or preservatives!

About Us

Having Gnome Cones has completely changed my perspective on what a snow cone should be. Not only is this seriously the cutest stand, but the taste is so fresh and real!

Sarah Brooks

10/10 will travel the 220 miles to visit it again.

Victoria Amburm

Great, unique flavors with no artificial dyes, flavors or preservatives - Just some of the reasons we love visiting Gnome Cones!

Delia Kleehammer

The apple pie, y'all. Mmhmm. I don't know what kind of magic was used to get that flavor, but I'm thankful for whichever gnome had to sell his soul to get it.

Mellisa Hill

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