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Gnome Cones

Available in Denton & Argyle

Small - $4.00  |  Medium - $5.00  |  Large - $6.00    

Troll's Blood

Cotton Candy

Sweaty Yet Pina Colada
Strawberry Blood Orange
Goblinberry Birthday Cake
Grape Iced Coffee
Wild Cherry Apple Pie
Lemon Lime




Available in Denton & Argyle
$3.00 per Pop



Troll's Blood Birthday Cake
Sweaty Yeti
Peaches & Cream
Goblin Berry Strawberries & Cream
Lemon Hot Cocoa
Wild Cherry Cheesecake
Pina Colada Butterscotch



Ice Cream

Available in Denton Only

$4.00 per Cone

Creamy Vanilla  |  Monthly Flavor (Peppermint)




Allergen Info 

Everything at Gnome Cones is free from artificial preservatives, dyes, sweeteners, & flavors. A majority of our treats are *also* gluten-free & dairy-free, but below you'll find a list of the most common allergens that can be found in our desserts!

Dairy - Fresh Cream / Soft Serve / Dairy Pops / Birthday Cake Snow Cone / Waffle Cones

Tree Nuts - Hot Cocoa Pops / Coconut Flavors / Natural Food Coloring

Gluten - Waffle Cones / Cheesecake Pops

Winter Drinks - Hot Cocoa & Sweaty Yeti Cocoa can be ordered with coconut milk in place of regular milk!

Need some more information on our ingredients or allergens? Feel free to email us at info@gnomecones.co or ask one of our friendly gnomes in person!