Catering & Parties

Want to sprinkle a bit of gnome magic into your block party or bar mitzvah? Have one of our friendly Gnomes serve delicious hand-crafted Gnomesicles at your event, or pick the pops up from our Denton shop to save some coin! 

Full Service

Cart + Gnome Included

Pop Pick-up

Coolers Included

50-150 Pops - $3/pop

150-250 Pops - $2.75/pop

250-400 Pops - $2.50/pop

+400 Pops - $2.25/pop

50-150 Pops - $2.75/pop

150-250 Pops - $2.50/pop

250-400 Pops - $2.25/pop

+400 Pops - $2.00/pop

Party at Gnome Cones

Want to host a birthday party or graduation celebration at our Denton Gnome Home? We're honored you want to party with us - Here are a few different ways we can share our space with you!

Shared Space - FREE

If you don't mind sharing the space with a few other gnome enthusiasts, you can simply show up with your decor & guests and claim however much space you want - Free of charge! We can't reserve your seats, but we can help you find a time where you will have the best chance of having the space you need. Fill out the form below and we will let you know how busy we typically are on that day & time! 

Private Event - $50/hour and Up

If you’re hosting a larger party (30+ guests), or simply want a more private experience, you can reserve the space outside of our business hours for a small hourly rate - or during our regular hours and pay a higher fee to close off the space to the public. The fee for both options varies with the amount of guests and time of day you are wanting, so fill out the form below and we will get back to you with a quote!

Note: The private options include 20% off all Gnome treats for you and your guests!

Outside Business Hours - $50-$100/hour
During Business Hours - $100-$400+/hour